Project Management

Integrated project management and development solutions for all clients ranging from small boutique developments to cross discipline projects with spends in excess of $100 million. We deliver cost control, dispute resolution, programming and management services, from implementation through to delivery. Contact us to find out more.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering services to complex civil and vertical builds. Includes solutions for commercial, residential and mixed use developments. Jobs range in size and complexity from residential retaining walls to multimillion dollar subdivisions or industrial developments. We deliver design, scheduling, management and implementation services, and cost control solutions through our qualified civil engineers. Contact us to find out more.

Seismic Strengthening

Seismic strengthening is an increasingly important consideration for property owners and we have dealt with multiple commercial projects that have provided great outcomes for our clients. Our latest developments consisted of bringing a 10 level North Island office and retail building up to code with state of the art remediation techniques whilst managing tenant liaison through the duration of the project. Contact us to find out more.

Asbestos Testing, Remediation and Monitoring

Asbestos testing, remediation and monitoring through the lifecycle of contaminated site to clean site. We deal with everything from highly contaminated air testing in commercial buildings to remediation plans for residential housing. Our staff are accredited to test sites and have internal systems and processes that mean we are able to minimise costs for the client. Contact us to find out more.

Construction Management

Construction management and reviews. We have specialist on site construction managers which provide us with the ability to deal with hands on, site specific solutions where we need to have a sleeves rolled up approach. Contact us to find out more.

Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reporting and integration into financial outcomes. We specialise in working alongside developers, funders and other stakeholders to achieve the outcomes they require on their development.

Management of complex insurance claims and associated physical works.

Contact us to find out more.

We have extensive experience in the Christchurch redevelopment market in assessing and maximising insurance claims. This extends into structural repair solutions and management of re-strengthening and improvement. Our integrated approach also provides solutions for finance, ownership structures and end exit strategies for investors and owners.

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